August aka Majestic dignitY

Howdy heY

It’s my month of blogging, certainly a new idea which moves me in many ways!

How it started ? A productive discussion; wanted to write together & see what we would come up with. Suddenly the idea in some way though, hits to production for month of August!

What about August..? Apart of the deal we made, I found out there are some things to say about August really!..

August’s birth flower is the ‘Gladiolus’, meaning: Beauty, Strength of character, Love, marriage and family!

This year August has 5 weekends, which happens in every 823 years! So our Majestic dignity will deliver us, 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays , 5 Mondays!

I’m sure August has many other plans for the world to undergo. But 31 days of  blogging in August  is a special one for me! Hello August, Surprise me!

Well, every day we run by with many types of thoughts and experiences, in many aspects. Some we can make sense out of & some not so much. Many of the thoughts also come by as tomorrow’s seeds! Let’s try those on August !

So month of blogging is an experiment, to see month’s dignity. Month of accumulated blog experiences & knowledge; prime thoughts on blogs.

But gotta say it’s a healthy philosophical adventure type exercise!

Good luck   


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