what IF money is noT an object

Yes,what if money is not an object ?!…… No I’m not suggesting to go back to an ancient trade system either.

Recently I noticed an inspirational video on you tube, which gets me on thinking.. Specially when you fighting for every days living in mixed dire situations.

By Late Alan Wilson Watt. A British born philosopher, writer, speaker.

His inspiring speech can be found here:

So this particular idiom (what if money is not an object) may be defies that: ‘It does not matter how much something costs.’ or ‘Expense is no object?’. Go with the cause and achieve as your passion starves ?

But money matters though, When low income or instability try to put chain on you. Although money is not that important or barrier to your cause in some way if you turn the puzzle around or keep getting up after life puts you in the ground.

So lets live a life with what’s important & do what you’re passionate about but certainly not live for money.

Because that’s not what your purpose here, in this planet..!!


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