Hawker/Street vendor

Business executive on foot aka business entrepreneur aka street vendor

There are many type of street vendors around the city, as well as on the countryside. The most common vendor is on foot, some do their business on bicycle or in the public transports too.

hawker on a train

Before I start further, you have to understand that none of the street vendor uses their own voice when they shout; they use their well practiced tone to sell products. So don’t freaked out when you really speak with any of them.

This particular women vendor’s I hear every morning who sells ‘charcoal ashes’! Calling out like, ‘Chaaai nibaaan chaai(ashes for sell..)! Nice awaking in the morning, right..? ‘Ashes to ashes, dust to dust’ ! And why people need ashes in this metropolitan city anyway? Made me wondered and let to investigate: where do they get all the ashes from?’ What’s the use of it ?..something like.

Especially people have different cooking facility now a days and no chance of making charcoal ashes. So on my investigation, result was quite astonishing  I found out, they buy it from the countryside where no gas for cooking & sells it in capital.  98% ash buyers are housewives and house maids.

And the use of it is: to grip the fish to cut or to size it up. Didn’t know people need to grip fish to cut…and the essentiality of ashes! There is another reason behind it, which is many people don’t use knife to cut vegetable, fish or meat. They use ‘Boti’..

a local curved blade based on wood or metal  with two pod/ tripod, which stand upward.

Another interesting voice drive you nuts is chicken vendors. They shout in the streets like ‘ Murgi’ (chicken in bangla) something like..Muuu-rrrrR—gii-ooooOO and it goes on and on. Won’t you lose your chicken appetite after that ?

There are several street vendor goes by in my local, I pretty much know them by their slogan.  Sometimes it’s handy when you the groceries come by to you house, instead of going to the market. I guess they have their fix customers in the area.

You’ll meet interesting vendors in the public transportation though. They are annoying in a sense, in your office hours and all. But they have to live by I guess and it’s the only way, may be?

Apart of the products, their selling skills are quiet fascinating. The way of getting attention and good salesmanship! They know how to manage a busy crowded bus in rush hours.  Throughout the day, product and vendor may vary. Also some are seasonal and modified by trend.

hawker selling honey

Religious season: all types of religious books or so, upcoming holiday time: guide books and bags, Exam or Govt. job application time: guide books & such.

One guy sells like swing stapler, all you have to do is staple and it stitch’s your cloths. Mobile accessories, cooking books, guide books, multi color pens, toys for kids and so on. It will surprise you to see, s/he who buys what..

So the bus drives around its routs and you carried on with your daily tasks along with this cheerful sales person.  People buying or not but they don’t forget to tease these smiley, humble, half street vendors on the roads.

Their fault is, they have no other way to live by and selling products without any brand logo/names!

If you are stuck in the road or can’t find your way out and need heads up on traffic, ask them! You won’t find a better counselor on roads.

People like them living with dignity in this cosmopolitan city is inspiring !


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