A half dead dragonfly

There was a half dead dragonfly on the road being taken away by a group of ants..

First thought was that I was watching the ecosystem at work. But in my thoughts I started talking with the dragonfly as I have a very old relation with dragonflies  .....

..but that can wait for another time..


So this particular dragonfly… is she upset over her short life cycle and does she understand she will now be food for another living being? Does she try to tell me that she enjoyed flying around the city and making it more livable for us, disapproving of the modern brick cement society with less and less green?


I was going to save it from the ants but she wouldn’t recover…so I spread some nuts to those ants and buried her under a plant. Let her decompose and change the life form to another with some dignity. At the end of the day isn’t it all about transformations…?

This brick cement city does make you tired though..big time!


‘If you think fallen leafs are dead then wait till you see them dancing with the winds’


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