citizen sparrow

A group of sparrows were giving him company..

Sounds like they are planning out the day with a good discussion or were they complaining about the mobile network towers around the city? This might be a no go zone for them, and may be causing them to breed further away. It’s still dark out but daylight soon…

It’s not too long ago I got back home in the dark but it feels different though. Not because of less sleep, it’s just different …  may be you just noticed the peace and calmness of the city before it becomes chaotic.

So fresh and clean outside, municipality staff just swept the road; most of them are women!

Many joggers & walkers are up, milk and baker trucks are on every corner of the road…how about getting chocolate milk for the go?..

Watching news agent getting ready to distribute papers to the city …but what news… made by corporate groups for their own benefits? It’s not all bad right..!?… But I‘m glad people have choices now a days, thanks to the variety in tv channels, mobile phones and internet. People can get or at least try to get the both side of any story.

Watching school kids is the most amazing thing to me. It makes me nostalgic. Doesn’t it also remind you of the years that passed?

There is a group of school kids in front of me and the hot topic they are discussing is the weight of their bags, ‘the one with the heavier bag is the winner! I talked with them a few minutes and crossed the road with them, bunch of angels ..

Working around the city you meet them almost everywhere. Probably due to unplanned civic society, profitable school business & enormous populations!

Some goes by cars or public transport or school bus/van.That’s interesting thing, school van! It’s not like micro or common van.

More like rickshaw with a small cabin with steel roof & iron rod window with a gate (which only open from outside!). Like an iron cage holding 6 kids inside pulling by a normal guy with no driving license. Sound crazy enough, right!

Well in a way it is but i never heard any accident yet and hope I never will.Usually they travel around locally, not in the busy roads.

Watching those adorable tired faced kids inside the van is something painful but I guess it’s convenient for the parents, economically or so.

And these parents …. they surprise me most of the time. Husband and wife both work from dusk to dawn. So they have to rely on some day care system or the maid they have in the house or a relative staying at theirs if they are lucky enough.

And this questions me more…!! Are these kids being looked after with care as they should be??Most of the kids get the freedom of TV remotes and that’s another disturbing issue.


Tv channels are not programmed well for viewers, despite the hours! Plus local DVD channels are on as well. Some time they show Bollywood/Hollywood films in day times.  

Sometimes they show cartoon but that would be in Hindi language.No wonder i here kids speaking fluent Hindi and humming Hindi songs! Plus occasional Hindi slang’s!

And there are kids with Smartphones and Tabs, nothing wrong with it in first glance though.

These come by as toy, gift or trend. But do they teach them proper use and understanding of open source? I mean, it is a place of violations, adultery & many other issues!  

With due respect all I want to say is, before giving him access to these open sources, it’s essential to give them proper guidance with care, respect & love!

There are few & not enough, playing grounds around the city for kids here. Many kids play in the streets, soccer or crickets and badminton in the winter. Ongoing traffic is dangerous most of the times but they seem to manage this well. Also passersby encourage and give them room to continue their sports!

Although there are a good few sports clubs and swimming pools here for the kids they are not economically affordable for all. How about a book as a gift or a library membership card?

I know I’m being very judgmental on this. I’m trying to say is: instead of giving toys to your kids to play, give yourself instead (your own time!!). Give them the combination  of growing well, inside and out!

Let them choose right and wrong, healthy & violence, good and bad; dignity and self-respect!

I know it’s all big word..all I’m asking put the seed inside and water them!

Sure there will be chaos, unpleasant events but you’ll know your kid will have Goodness,Insights and Strength to fight back the darkness…


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