Our Rocky’s

Let’s put the headphone on and listen to a mix selection of music by hummingbirD… Playlist is strikingly beautiful….gives me different angles of thoughts on perspectives…and walk on & on...

Let me tell you a little story now: sometimes I eat in a working class food stall for Breakfast with labors and non white-collar office workers.

Other day I put Mercedes Sosa’s acoustic songs on…tell you what; even though it was an unknown language for them but they all enjoyed and sat quietly while they listened. Even one person said he felt the sadness on her…Amazing right!! So I had to introduce her to them and I really hoped they all had a non identical day …

In that same place I once met a woman who works in the dark of night with heavy makeup on to maintain her sick husband’s expenses . Wasn’t an easy communication but it was good short talk. I tried to give some energy to her strength…..She rises when the city goes to sleep..ah..

There is a flower market on other side of the woods where I run. Trucks come from various part of the country and it’s a wholesale flower market.  It would surprise you the amount of flower this City requires…

The amount of child workers serves the city is sad and would make you feel bad about yourself if you saw it.. Probably morning is the only time they laugh so openly, so freely before they put their head down for work for their bosses..

I understand overpopulation and poverty; maintaining the large families; lack of education put them on this road or is THE BLAME ON US..? The secular Society….The Intellectuals in five-star hotel with bla bla-ing about society ..or to whom are we preaching…?

Luc Forsyth (Canadian friend who’s a professional photo journalist), did a project while visited Dhaka on 2012:

child labor in Bangladesh

It’s not all bad, there are many NGO’s giving proper training, placement, night school and supports ..but that’s not enough ..who’s looking after them when they miss work due to illness…who’s looking after them when they are being mistreated by others? It’s hard work out there. They learn about the world in hard ways for sure…. But let’s not get more into it right now…

These issues always leave me with bitterness and no solution is ever sufficient as I think about it more. At least I try to do my best every time we meet… Any part of the day….In any form of communication….I try to give them a genuine part of me….Smile with them..Make them laugh… Smiling is the least I can do. Treating them properly….That’s what I can do and will keep doing.

Throughout the city..you see child labor everywhere. In street workshops, food stalls to public transports.

Food stall mostly means tea stalls here. They sell tea and snacks.Also in small restaurants waiting staff’s are mostly kids!

There was an advertisement few years back about this…

Script like: Customer1 calling a kid waiting staff by Pichhi (kid in local accent) (usually that’s their recognition, very unfortunately! ) to bring a cup of tea.

So the Pichhi(!!) turn around sharply to the client and says, ”My name is Rocky, not Pichhi!” with a proud face indeed!! So rest of the customers looked at ‘Rocky’ with astonishment And   the customer1 about to give out or even slap him & but changed his mind with a smile and says, “That’s a great name, Rocky would you bring a cup of tea please?’

And Rocky smiles and said ‘in a flash’ ..’your tea is coming’..!

haha ..I used to get blurry eyes every time i saw that ad, even now writing about the ad   ..’m getting emotional..! And we are right to be emotional about this child labor issue (sorry it’s not an issue it’s our priority!! )

I truly believe we probably cannot solve this overnight but if we try in every little steps, we can achieve and set a records though!

Strange jaywalking in early morning though, especially when you are in the avenues; because all you want to do is lying down…


So I walk further ahead to find a tea stall or factories or automobile garages and such; to make sure our Rocky’s are treating well..


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