Boats & myself..

I knew about boats even before I was asked to write an essay about it in elementary school.

Bangladesh is a river rained country and as it happens my family used to move around a lot between the port cities and river districts. So we had the privilege (official facilities by the govt) of having a speed boat and even once a small cruise liner.

Boating in local canals or local rivers in some traditional boat with colorful sails was also common. The shape and colors of the sails varied from region to region and so did the boatman’s traditional songs! These maritime themed sing-along are called Sari. The lyrics usually depict a story, all though some are spiritual or of Sufi origin… Oh yes, they are very mystic!

Besides stories about boats as a vehicle… there are merchant stories from the boat market, where the buying and selling of boats takes place!

There are some famous boat markets in the country. You can pre-order boats there, all though purchasing on the spot is more common. And then there are separate markets for the sails as well. But professional boatmen make their own symbolic sails.

There are gypsies on boats too. They carry various interesting products to sell and some spiritual services. To expel the devil from your house or chanting for good harvests and what not. I know that’s part of their trade and easy way to shuffle villager’s faith and money.I believe locals knows about it but welcome them for their stage shows and small fair including mini circus.

As mentioned before boat shapes vary regionally as they also differ based on their use: be it for the rivers, or be it for the seas.

Apart of our low sea level and global warming; we also have seasonal cyclones, to complicate things even more. Poor weather services in the coastal areas and the absence of radio services on sea has caused so much devastation for the coastal area families. Many have had to start life from scratch once again!

Anyway… I may be getting in a bit of a mystic mood myself and kind of lost on track of my boat topic as there is so much to talk about.

How about I give you an inspiring, outstanding tribute boat story, based on true life !!She is a genuine voyager! It has a spectacular narrative & a life changing fact based history behind it, hope you like it and re-tell it after you read it.  A MUST Do…


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