it’s Black & it’s white..

Yes, it’s a great song indeed but my blog today is about black & white moments, TV & movies!

What triggered me to write about this topic is: a zebra looks the same in both types of TV (B&W TV as well as in color TV) a way for sure.

Before torrent downloads, streaming movies, DVD and the many available TV channels; an old fashioned TV with only one channel was the only entertainment box in the house!

Particularly in that time in TV era, every Thursday there was ‘the Movie of week’ program. Needless to say, that was a prime attraction! Movies were in black & white and of course color movies later on. But we had a Phillips old model B/H TV so we didn’t have much of a choice. I do remember moving the TV antenna around the house for better reception.

Apart of the TV, I think many potential, must see movies are also black and white. Some are even before the talkies.  

Remembering in our summer house we had few movies on VHS tape to watch. One of them was called Hirak Rajar Deshe .

Another one is pather panchali (song of the little road)

 The way they depict rural life and its societal structures is outstanding in this film. Truly shows you to view things from a higher perspective. 

These films were written and produced by Satyajit Ray.

Few of his other movies were on the watch list I had with my cousins and friends there. Later on in life we also watched many of his masterpiece as well. He was well renowned and famous all over the world for his ahead of time types of work. Many of his films were followed up with sequels, which I consider to be life altering films.

I must add, ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ (sorry, this isn’t b&w but was in the watch list) &  Yes to : The Immigrant

Most of the movies we saw during our gatherings were must-sees, from our perspective.

I guess, i do have a thing for this genre, all though I haven’t watched any lately but i like to!

It’s worth mentioning that there are world famous movies in black and white. I can name few but recently I did read an article including a list of extraordinary black and white movies. So is the recommendation for you !

How about B&W photos !?? I’m sure its totally retro & give you chill, may be some ideas !



I’m sure everyone has some story to tell about black and white tv or even movies or that period of time or simply black & white. So here I am to listen to any tips or memories you may have on this topic.


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