pen is mightier then swords ?

The recent killing of a local blogger over here was outrageous and shocking, disturbing in any sense .

But before I address that, I would like to share my thoughts on the Paris shootings at Charlie Hebdo. It’s been long overdue and i really felt bad not to have come forward at the time!

I’m all the way agreed with her: Am I Charlie or noT !!

As far as the killing of the bangladeshi blogger is concerned, you can read more here here !

And below the guardian article there, you will find more news on these unrestful matters!

I really don’t know what to say though..really truly..! Not because I’m scared of being killed or anything like that but more like: I don’t know how to bring my thoughts more clearly than ‘the guardian’ article already did.

Although there are some political power surges going on here to make the current government upset to the world and such!

May be justice & judicial punishment of the war criminals of 1971, made some fundamentalist group desperate!

Because may be, it’s a primary plan of  IS & Al -Quaida. what is it with their brain dead ideas to bring total chaos on east Asia !

Recently I’ve seen it in social media, which kinda shows how non religious they are; despite their beliefs:

So as you see, their doing exactly the opposite!

The terror and killings in the name of religion of this violent group make me very uncomfortable.

For the sake of East Asia and rest of the world, we have to stop this in-bound and out- bound violence. Wake up people!

This is not humanity, I don’t know what actually but its some vicious master plan!


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