Scrapbook of Leonardo Da Vinci

Well today I’m going to share some interesting finding on Leonardo Da Vinci . It’s not first hand writing obviously.

One day we were discussing about paintings & open day Art show, does has a role plying on today’s topic! How about I start from my basic understanding of art  through Vinci.

Let’s begin then…   

You know the photo and yes it’s herself, Monalisa. We used to get scared of this painting in our childhood; her eyes followed us everywhere!

Painted by of Leonardo Da Vinci. He was born on the 15th April 1452 in a small village called Vinci, twenty miles  away from Florence, Italy.

I won’t bore you with the RenaissanceBut if you really want to know about the renaissance, you have to know da Vinci first.

At the age of 14 he was sent as an apprentice to a famous painter Verrocchio. Back then apprentices used to help master artists on various art work, including giving the finishing touches to sketches.

emmm… something like: if the main artist was painting a house/castle the apprentice would have to finish minor works (painting trees and such).

But this young apprentice da Vinci easily outnumbered his master artist in a short period of time by his art works and creativity. And it’s not that uncommon for an apprentice. Another famous artist Raphael, also did the same. Michelangelo & Botticelli also got attention during that period of time.  

But our da Vinci wasn’t only an ‘Artist’; he was full of creativity & surprise!

Apart of being an artist, he was also; a sculptor, a novelist, a musician, a scientist, an engineer, anatomist and a inventor! Some man for one mAn!

One of the vital inventions of renaissance time was the printing press, by a German inventor ‘Gutenberg‘! This invention had a huge impact on paintings and such,  although first printing press was invented in China, 400 years before renaissance. Somehow that news didn’t reach to West ..

Back then people used to believe that world was flat, imagine that!

Anyway, our da Vinci wasn’t much educated but he did have some extraordinary skills. He always carried a scrapbook (no, that’s not the skill ‘m talking about 😉 ).


He was a lefty and used to write from right to left. That means, to read his note book, you have hold it in front of the mirror!!! This skills also applied for his engineering designs!


If you recollect his life time works that would be more than 6000 pages! His drawings, notes,recollection was unknown for many years. But recent(50 years ago) discovery of his two notebook found in Madrid, Spain.

 As you know few of his masterpiece (monalisa, last supper, etc etc)is more than enough to make him top ranking,evergreen artist of the world.  But he was well ahead of time..

Imagine someone drew design of an armed car or helicopter in the 1500s! He thought of it and put in drawing/ design !! WoOW.right..!

Even his anatomical drawing are still surprisingly accurate, according to some medical journals !

He sketched and studied how birds fly and the engineering behind it .

He had some natural fondness for the animals, especially for the birds. Occasionally he bought a bird in a cage and let it go free!

He hated war and weapons and which represent in his writings. Although he drew many sophisticated weaponry for modern world!

Inventing was in his blood, for sure! Some finest drawing/ design of musical instrument is an unique symbol to the musical world. Da Vinci died on 2nd may, 1519. He drew a self portrait just before his death!    

I’m sure you’re wondering why I didn’t mention the book, The Vinci Code ? But you’ve already read the book or seen the movie already, right !

So does the book or the movie feel more interesting, after reading this blog let me know..



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