Sawadikha means hello in Thai~updateD

A free summer rain on way back home & all I wanted to write about is Bangkok!

I was there few days back, not in travelling touring sense. It was all work investigation trip.

But to be honest with you all, I was going to write about it bit later on this week but the very shocking news on bomb blasting triggered me to write as early!

As I told in my previous blog, how I enjoy being in non English speaking country. You can learn things in different ways; pick yourself in some unexpected ways too!

  Airport to the city was easy enough with fellow airport passengers. When you are in the city, then the fun begins! Although most of the Thai people do speak English fluently but not all over.

. After kept getting lost for directions around, I finally asked for help to a Thai woman who was working in a Govt. building as security officer. And what she did; she get one of her fellow officer to drop me to my hostel by motorbike and refuse to take any little appreciation token or money!

My president says karma 😉 ..but it’s humble too.  

So before I left the city, I did pay them a visit and some gesture!



Thai people are Humble, happy face and hospitable. And it’s not only because their major revenue comes from tourism!  Venturing around the city for work meetings with appointments was something new to me. Do you know what they offer you when you enter an office or a house: A glass of refreshing cold water!

Many people around the world says, life’s alternate word is water!

I meet many foreign nationals working(several years) in Bangkok and they never mention any rip off or scum or any unpleasant experiences. Although some gem scum do happen by the Arabs & some African nationals but never witnessed any, luckily!

  ..Now, please put aside your thoughts on, The Hangover movie sequel.  We all know stag night like that could go many way, specially with that wolf pack     ..don’t you agree !?…

I haven’t visited any tourist sites while there but went to a Thai home for work related dinner. A very nice Thai family of five; Husband & wife with a daughter & two sons.The whole time I felt like a VIP! The best way to know any culture and its people, right !


Interesting finding was, many transgender people (with due respect) works in normal office even i meet one in the airport as custom officer. They treat everyone equally! Someone told me that youngest son of the Thai family, has to raise as a lady boy (not any more though)..

I will investigate more about this in future as well as about local communities   and such.

Bangkok is a huge cosmopolitan mega city & business hub. City itself competitive to any other world famous mega cities!It has prospects and possibilities in many ways. Specially to get way to another continent.

There are some areas in Bangkok infamous for red light district and so called massage parlors. I think it’s part of their revenue industry! Felt kind of shocked/sad(!?) to see many Arab/western old fat guys in the city with two young girls (young to be his grand kid) or sometimes young boys in their sides! God knows what’s behind the curtain.

It’s big business out there and socially accepted ?! Supported by Govt. authority or is it mafia business..?! hmm….too early to comment on these..!  


I did use commuter services like; Sky train, MRT, train, bus, motorbike taxi and tuk-tuk. Even in rush hours traffic, no beeping in the streets or mocking the traffic system by locals.

Although there are some disputed areas in the Thai map with anti govt rebel groups but let’s not get into that; I don’t know the whole story yet. But I’ll come back with more data in future!

I’m sure; little experience monolog above is quiet enough to give you; glance of Thai hospitality and cultural vibe.

Now, the recent bomb blast in central Bangkok near a famous Shrine and five star hotel..was bit of shock  for me as well as the rest of you I believe!! Because this is very rare in Thailand, despite the disputed area and some fundamentalist groups.


As the news channels and local authorities proclaims of no connection with rebel groups or any association been made with any other international brain dead fanatics with the blasts. I haven’t been on that area though but look pretty well busy business area and frequent tourist visits.

So I’m trying to say, place like Bangkok deserve  a better headline! I’m really hoped who ever behind this will be under court of justice and law enforcement would be at their best level to solve the matter. My prayer and thoughts with you all..

Korp koon means Thank you!

Korp koon (Thank you)!


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