turfs, horses & a fire place

Destination:  Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland

Mission: cutting turf, farming & horse riding.

Available tools:  Slean, buckets, tractor, Breeches, Chaps, halters, other farming equipment’s.

Time frame: the whole weekend.  

Drop off point: John Gavin’s aka  JG’s house.

(Well, I was excited to the extreme for this venture & i miss country life sometimes..in a way this makes me sad.. ! )

Father Ted
Father Ted

Being in Ireland I would joke about myself  as bog man; without being in an actual bog (wasn’t just justified)! So a mate of mine JG decided to help me out and invited me to his house along with other mate Micko: To discover what the bog is really about

Three amigos left Shannon, Co Clare early after a late night work. Banter all the way, enjoying the road trip with some tunes.  A very warm welcome by the Gavin family and we (but me most of all!) couldn’t wait to start working in the bog. And to give you more themes on bog, check out this link.

We had our boots on and a good use of slean to cut turfs. We stacked up the turf on our training day; manual works. On the second day though, the tractor came in … ohh you wouldn’t know how thrilled I was about the tractor …………….t r a c t o rrrrrrrrrrrR!!

They had a big enough tractor for cutting turf, it’s an automatic one. This meant it could cut and organizing the turf in the same time. Driving a tractor in open field is like; big boys toy!

Time went by and we didn’t feel a thing until we sat down for a cold beer; our body went to bits!

JG’s family had 5 horses. Two of them were professional race horses (one Arabian & other one might be Frisian 😉 !

I always liked horses although never owned any. But don’t I always stop buy if I see a horse, even now.. ?!  ..try to reconnect, also i do get nostalgic!

So I geared up for the horse riding all though I’m not good at horse riding. My first thought was, how can make her comfortable while I’m sitting on her. She a beautiful horse and definitely has choices. Thankfully with my friend’s tips, she started to walk on and after a while some sprints, yesssssssss!!

For some reason, rather than riding, I wanted to spend time with her, get to know her, walk side by side, little talks(!) and wash her and have some fun with water too!  I won’t bore you with details already. You know yourself how it is, may be some day you can show me more!   

Other farming task we performed: stacking hays in blocks, organizing tool house, fixing a roof & gardening and driving JG’s dad’s new BMW!

Their house was off the main road, in the middle of farm lands. So it was totally peaceful with only the sound of nature as a soundtrack. You can just walk on barefoot and venture around, sit by a tree, listen to the birds singing and may be fall asleep while reading a book. Ahh..sounds like a good taste of life, eh !

Did I tell you about my potato loving?! Even since I’m back in Asia, people around me still give me an eye for my potato cravings! I guess that’s one of the ways my Irish side shows itself.

Anyway, back to the Mullingar farm house. In the evening time it gets cold out there and sitting by the fireplace is so delightful (oh i sound like an old man now..hahah).

Fireplace, on a seat by the fireplace, stretch your leg..yawn may be !?..

I don’t know how to end this topic, to be honest with you….I still feels the pulsation for a country life…

 So let’s do bit of  work in the bog/farm, spend some time with horses and take a seat by the fireplace!




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