face without masks

People are strange when you are strangeR

Observation is one of the key virtues of a good detective. I am hardly a private eye myself all though detective books have a role in my reading habits. I like observing people on my way around. I believe you can tell about the society or culture or any other vibe by a good observation, anyway!

I did worked and lived few places around two continents.  Sometimes also just traveling around..

Even in my current city, I do watch my fellow country people’s facial expressions. Unfortunately most of the time I don’t see a welcoming tone! So then I decide it’s up to me to take a small step and ease the tension or coldness. Sometime I do sing a line or two to break the ice…. hahaha ..it’s not that bad.. .

When you are commuting with heavy traffic, you get to learn more about faces and witness more social outcomes. So during my travel, which may be with any form of transportation, I start a conversation on a topic that I estimate might be a common interest in that particular crowd.

The idea is to get the society in a glance! It does work, even once or twice the whole bus/compartment got involved! It’s worth mentioning that the best topics are related to winning major sports, world issues or breaking news events!

Everybody becomes one and communicates freely, and faces brighten up!

On the other hand when you are on foot, you see people passing by like a pages of book; full of surprises!

It’s more fun when you are in non English speaking country though (my mother tongue is Bangla and English is a second language, but i crave for more languages!!).

I always try to be respectful towards any native language speaking countries! In a context where I do not speak the language myself, the images become more colorful, vivid. It does make the world more livable! I want more of this……..M O R E

In my backpacker’s days though, especially in India & Bhutan, faces were really interesting subjects (if I may say so!). These are countries I admire for their richness, both in a geographical as a cultural sense! I mean, faces and dresses rapidly change, as well as the languages and oh yes, the food too. But I will try to do another blog about those topics.

Let’s get on with faces, alright? People usually have three faces. One for outsiders, one for family and friends and one for their own self!

I’m sure masks have a role too. You might need a certain mask when you enter any courtroom, or when you are dealing with diplomatic issues, or in any sort of port or govt. office. Another mask could be suitable during a work meeting and another when you are casually going out or shopping or doing artificial tourist stuff. A different mask matches a different stage of life and so on. There are certain scenarios when some prefer to put a mask on.

The Most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are! You trade in your reality for a role! You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask!!

~Jim Morrison

 It can be in many other occasions too. Although I do believe, everyone has some story inside. They might go through phases (pleasant/sad/ struggles or in form of notions)!         

 I do have a mystic part inside me which is sometimes hard to explain. So that my mystic sufi self, always tries to take the mask out of the faces; not to make anyone uncomfortable in any way. To get to know the person better but some time it’s best left alone, i’m sure!

It’s like when you go through hell and the only choice you have is to keep going ..your mystic soul builds up, shapes up, your pineal gland tries to wake up more and you see through things; which others might not be able to! And you want to help more, support more, want to make any face feel at ease..!

And you see faces without a mask…   


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