side effects of running

Running is healthy that’s a confirmed diagnosis! But I found a totally different consolation in it, yesterday. Plus i haven’t run quite a while.

Recently I moved into an apartment in Bangkok. I’m facing some difficulties with language barriers and local information. Especially frustrating with so many delicious street foods to discover and so many friendly neighbors to meet, but can’t do so without some common language.

So I want to check the neighborhood with my usual running habit. And the findings are really impressive:

  1. There are vending machines with safe drinking water every where. You can refill your bottles for one bath. No more buying-carrying five liter bottles..happy h20 days!
  2. Groceries can be found just in the next road, as well as hawker selling groceries from their decorated mini trucks.
  3. A shrine & mosque situated side by side nearby.
  4. Two universities with full campus.
  5. Cheap student market to eat, drink and socialize.
  6.  A river with many piers. Manual boat crossing to other side and jogging track by it.
  7. Water boat service (a nice long-boat with seats and all) to the city center with locals. So that I  can avoid 10 minutes walk, 20 minutes on bus and 15 minutes of  MRT (subway/tube) commute to city center.
  8. Night market.
  9. Some short cuts to the main road.
  10.  An abandoned building full of graffiti’s with local skateboarders, seems nice crowd too.
  11.  Cats & Dogs everywhere. Local dogs bark a lot but not too dangerous (I hope).  
  12.  A three-legged dog, who follows me around. I want to help him about if I can.
  13.   If you don’t speak Thai, good chance you will get ripped off.
  14.   It’s a safe area unless you encounter some drunk student crowd (seems they all know Muay thai- deadly Thai martial arts )
  15. I’m the only one jogger in the evening and same in the morning! Yaeee!
  16. Soccer indoor and outdoor field.

I’m sure i can add new stuff to this list as i will run every day in a different direction until i map out. But won’t update here but to blog about it as I continue finding out new things.
My president gonna say, ‘You can write individual blog on those!’..  Okay Madam president, so be it !!!  


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