A Solo drummer…

I won’t dare to admit that I’m a drummer but I try to be. At least when I go to my friends’ Practice pad.

I know how to play the guitar a bit. But my admiration for drum kit beats the guitar moments.

Do you know the hidden chemistry between Bass guitarist & drummer in every musical bands?! Well all band members synchronize with the music but drums & bass is something different all together.

I will tell you about the origin of my affection for the Drum & Bass genre.

But first of all, I have to thank my good old friends; ’Harvey’ for introducing me to ‘Drum & Bass collections’ & ‘Daan’ for introducing ‘Rony Size’ into my life!!  Both are serious music lovers and a best friend you ever find!

Anyway, apart of my other hobbies and interests; drumming is a passionate one! Sometime I do speak to my own self by beating the drum kits.  The best thing about drumming is: you play and maintain rhythm with eight different drums, toms’, hats & cymbals! And it’s  h o w l i n g

In my current city, no chance of drumming yet. But the other day I discovered something different:

There is motor workshop nearby.  The old mechanic who works there, gets drunk in the evening on a regular basis. In the day time though, he works hard and is a quiet guy himself!

So come the evening, after getting drunk he starts playing drums. No, he doesn’t have a proper drum set. He has two snare drums and the rest is made out of worthless metal.He sings too, in an unknown dialect, definitely not Thai.

He gets visitors too, some friends of his. But I don’t think he enjoys their company much. They make him more drunk and tease him constantly.

Despite this, he doesn’t bother to chase them away and doesn’t interfere or correct them. Funny thing though, there won’t be any sign of this drummer in him the next morning. As if it’s a totally a different person!


Life is strange, heh!  Just when you think you know all of it by now, then again it questions you! Undiscovered paths still ahead, beat it…



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