Karaoke in the slum

The sound of live music triggered me to investigate the source. I thought it must be because of the university campus but it wasn’t the actual reason.

My finding was: A karaoke slum (a normal slum with a karaoke atmosphere)! The hard working local people, who live there, organize a proper sing song event every night.

I have seen slums in many countries but this particular one is not ordinary!
I have seen slums in many countries but this particular one is not ordinary!

In this slum mostly workshops and low earners live by. In the daytime they all work in the workshops or collect stuff from bin box  or what not.

I would say it’s pretty hard work to survive here. But it’s a unique lifestyle for them.

So this particular house in the slum, they collect plastic bottle and organize stuff for recycling. Which triggers me to another thought; my president also has a deep concern/notion for plastic bottles/ recycle materials. I’m deeply touched by her concern for greener earth!  She wants to build something out of a recycle bottles 😉  Here we go madam president!

Okay let’s give you the picture of the karaoke arena then…

It’s beside a banana field with few other local houses on the other side.Their house is mostly covered with recycled bottles and rubbish. The live at the end of the banana fields and they have some dining table made out of rubbish with metallic design.

And to run the karaoke, they have an actual TV screen with lyrics, sound system with speakers and a microphone! They all sit around the table with hot food with local beer or wine. Their Eyes are on the TV (lyrics) and the microphone passes along; one by one.

I do not understand the language yet but I do get the vibe! Some songs are just dark and sad but enough to get your mind away from the slum life. I really want to know the history behind their karaoke evening but can’t do it just yet due to the language barrier.

It’s just after some rainfall here and the karaoke sound is starting to pour…

I really want to sit with them and who knows may be sing along as well, but not just yet..


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