Three legged pooch

I know who it is I am going to meet in the next road; my three legged pooch friend!

It’s the beginning of a new friendship, by the looks of it. There is another sad discovery about her though. She’s also deaf & mute! How sad is that when you love dogs, eh!

I have old connections with animals since early age. To be more specific, especially with dogs & goats!

We used to have a few Sorali hounds !

Nixon & Bagha were my favorite ones!! My Grandma used to have a good bunch of the same breed, ahh good old days!!

An international news covering on Sorali hounds here.

While I’m being nostalgic; how about I share my goat loving fib here:

Once we bought a goat for a cultural event. That means, that goat is not going to be our pet but is going to be sacrificed. It’s an awful feeling for a 12 year old kid!

I named her Timi (whale in bangla). When you are 12 years old, you do thing your own way, bit strange way sometimes 😉

So, Timi got sick and we took her to the vet. After the injection by the vet, she felt better. But I stayed all night with her, as a stand by medic. My job was to make sure she’s warm enough and occasionally giving her the Vicks inhaler therapy

I won’t give you the sad hurtful ending of Timi here. She’s with us spiritually, as you just read between the lines.

Anyway back to my three legged pooch tale..

I recently noticed some photos in social media, of a blind dog accompanied by another dog. And that’s so touching. We still have so much to learn from the animal kingdom.

To tell you more about my three legged pooch; she follows me every time I pass that street. I do feel bad though, for not staying with her more than just a few minutes.

Also the way she runs into me with her three legs makes me sad! I also get nostalgic about my wolf pack (5 dogs in the woods in Dhaka).

I find it very hard to give you my insights about dogs or other animals. As if you’re a Warg and someone asked, ‘How’s it like to be an animal’ ?!

May be she, my three legged pooch tries to communicate, in a mystical way. I must find out the story behind her and I promise to spend more times with her!


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