Alien, nowadays ..

I come from a great old forest

I think it is now a field

And the people I once knew

Are not there now…

I got confused with introduction here; how about bit of documentary   before I actually begin?

To share a bit of my insight (if you could call it that?) about aliens with you, let’s start out with a bit of history!

No, I won’t bring much statistics of past centuries here. How about i share history from my own native land. The horrors of war are beyond all words.

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I heard many true stories from the elders about refugees. Hearing about these accounts makes you wonder about humanity and where our moral standards have gone. Shocking stories that touch you and encourage you to be better.

Independence didn’t come easy for us (I guess it never does), as we were ruled by two different powers over different periods of time.

Our first freedom, didn’t last long. I call it, political independence (?!) .

Our final true liberation was achieved on 16th Dec,1971. In our dire situation many countries helped us and  support came from various angles, I honor those!

Some of my own fellow countrymen would most likely raise doubts about our honest freedom though. I don’t agree with them; didn’t we progress and achieve many goals throughout times?

Anyway folks, let’s talk about current times. Recently we have been made aware of boat tragedies in Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Italy, Greece and many other coastal areas of Europe. They have shocked many living soul, right!

On my  investigation regarding boat tragedies over here, I found something irritating. We still have a refugee crisis back home, which needs proper care and attention. In this context, I really hoped Aung san suu kyi would come forward. But with utter shock, i didn’t see any movement! May be it’s the election time in Myanmar, political propaganda  or because of this....

But are these boat tragedies only happening since this year or did they only catch our attention after they reached recent news headlines? Why is it only getting the attention now like??

Weren’t we horrified enough; by the news of minefields, child soldiers, illegal drug tests, famine and what not ?!

It’s breaking news for us but a devastating life fact for many, hah !!

Even look at me; sitting by the balcony with notebook  !?

Who are we to judge their motives for abandoning their homeland or why they chooses this uncertain destination through such a life threatening journey?  

Have we forgotten we also fled to shelter in India in ‘71? We knew at the time we would be back, but these people’s fate aren’t the same!!

We all noticed that people are running away from Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and pouring into Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey (mostly). There are also people fleeing from Eritrea, Nigeria and Somalia due to direct/indirect war.

And did you notice the official quietage performance of Saudi Arabia!! Hah, too much to show some humanity; dear holy Saudi Arabia!? Is it because of Shia-Sunni differences or the fear of economic instability? Although you engaged in war in Yemen but of course you had your motives then, eh!!

Nor humanity, nor the religion; you pick the so called tribal-regional selfishness !

Who wants to deal with the refugees, hah! Although there is the bitter experience of Palestinian refugees for some!

So these exiles who are fleeing for safety to Europe, are getting proper attention nowadays, finally! Some reached ashore and a major number still waiting on the other side of the sea to cross!

I’m delighted to see many countries coming forward to receive them, although there are few other confusing parts there as well. In addition to that, some countries are playing high stake poker though!

So if you hold a certain passport, the world is open to you! Then you can move anywhere to live,earn and live as long as you want!! But if you don’t have that passport privilege then you are no more than an immigrant or migrant or a refugee!! So much for one world, eh!

I won’t bore you with recent refugee updates as you must know already.

Also some of you are participating with good gestures to help/support them!You all are true human and I’m spiritually always beside you!!  

Specially, I’m proud of  Epi ! 

I’m having an epiphany right now, which i would like to put in my next writing.

But before you go, how about  have a cup of lemon tea with me…  


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