Finding my athletic self esteem

I was proactive in my school years, especially with games and sports. I worked pretty hard for placement in school team, even in my college team. Apart of soccer; athletics was my other favorite spot. I won many medals in high-long jump and in some sprinting events; despite my height!

Yes I noticed there are too many ‘I’ here but it’s about my athletic self so, you will just have to deal with it 😉

So, back to current time; It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon here and I decided to decorate it with a 5k run at the least with usual cross-fit along the way. There is a national stadium near by which I hadn’t been properly introduced with, so I wanted to check it out.

By god i didn’t expect a whole sports town out there

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There is a food market beside it and various-delicious cuisine can be found there! The first view of the area is that of a lake and a national monument, followed by two parks with picnic atmosphere.

Many teenage crowds hang around but they’re a decent presence. 🙂

Occasional football matches take place here and there and a proper jogging track can be found all around the stadium. Next comes the swimming pool stadium, with different types of swimming pools, with full facilities.

As I continue on, the sound I hear now is very familiar to me; yepp it’s martial arts arena! I kept it undiscovered for the time being until my next proper visit!!!

I forgot to mention a famous local sport, called Sepak takraw !

I admit I had never seen an outdoor cycling stadium before but it’s pretty cool!

There are some signs outside which probably mention ‘5th gear only’ or so (as some local translated for me) !!

But the actual stadium was closed to visitors at this hour, so hopefully some live soccer match there some day.

So I jog back to the athletic stadium and did another five rainy evening laps. I was the only foreigner at the track so I did get some attention there… hahaha

I was wrong in  my previous blog about being the only jogger in this area though! The amount of male/female runners around is quite surprising! The smoothie shops are waiting to kill your thirst when you’re done running!  

And the whole time my kid athletic self was laughing, talking and guiding me as my own coach!

It was a nostalgic feeling, as well as something new. What started out as a regular run, transformed into a new experience, that felt familiar nonetheless!

Memories of my sporting past in this new environment helped me rediscover my athletic self esteem. I look forward to the next one!


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