Tale of village life

It took us an eight hour journey to get here. And there was a one hour ferry crossing too.

Ohh and a close encounter with a road accident, which caused us another two hours extra.

Mission was to get the rural lifestyle interviews, after completing our work in various slums in Dhaka city. My boss Luc, wanted a rural area, so I proposed Khoksha which is near my grandparents town.

We hired a local easy bike for work, but the work here was quite different from  the work we did in the city slums , here’s why:

  • It’s not city life, obviously!
  • countryside, small town and villages
  • wide choice of rural area
    • different types of house
    • islands
    • river side
    • small towns
    • house middle of a canal
    • house middle of a paddy/rye/sweet corn/sunflower fields
  • Comfortable house hunts
  • Peaceful
  • Casual timing
  • Finding full family at the same time (Only twice we had to wait for the kids getting back from school)
  • People are more welcoming
  • Supportive (they told us which house need the money most, as there was a remuneration after the interview)
  • Various income sources
  • Not chaotic
    • less dense population
    • no traffic
    • convenient transportation

We visited a total of five house there and it was really satisfying. I really wanted to show the world some Bangla dignity through Luc’s project.

Many of you know us for our regular flooding, over populations, hunger, famine, and  what not. I know it’s not all bad, there are many many positives prospects and developments too. Some people just remember the bad things though and easily forget the time and efforts been invested, no matter how hard it is for some!

So in our rural projects we faced many devastating stories. Because most villages situated by the river thus flooding caused a serious harm every year. Villagers lost their cultivation’s and sometimes their entire land. So no matter what their age is, they start their life anew.

Most people we meet there, were farmers or freelance workers in the fields. Some houses had cattle, ducks and chickens. Every house had some vegetables growing; either in the field or on the rooftop. A deep tube-well in every house, Thankfully !!!

We get to work right after reaching there. Our very first house was an interesting one!

A very young family in their early thirties. They were not from around but living here since few year. They were evicted from their native village because of their love relation and marriage. The reason for their families disapproval was the fact that it’s a mixed marriage; Hindu woman and Muslim man.

Well done both of you!! They have two beautiful kids; Saikat (means seashore, 4 yr old boy)  and  Aakhi  (means eye, 1 year old girl). Husband (Hasan Ali) works in the farmland and wife (Suchitra Sen) is a housewife. When I asked her profession, she surprised us with her answer. She told us she will be getting  back to field work  with her husband as soon  as Aakhi grows up! I really want to visit them some time!

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We went to a few other houses in the following days and had a wonderful time and this is why:

  • Our easy bike driver stayed with us, as guide and a friend.
  • Large number of curious followers
  • Questions, questions and questions
  • Children and children. Honestly I’ve never seen so many children’s at once except school
  • Never seen so many senior citizen at the same time either
  • All the old folks with awesome health status
    • physically, well built
    • fantastic smile shows their healthy psychology
    • If not the smile, conversation proves their greater mentality
  • Everyone left their work to stay with us, no matter from field or household works
  • The village headmen guided us to the poorest family, because of the remuneration
  • Some family denied our proposal but invited us with fruits or glass of refreshing tube-well water
  • They waved air supply with their handmade fan crafts  
  • They always had a refill for our empty water bottles
  • Offer us with their fruits and foods; even cooked for us.
  • We participated in local football match while raining.
  • Never seen my native people with brown, green eye irises  
  • The very first person we meet in the village, s/he became the announcer and shouts of our arrival to other villagers! Imagine what happened next ….circus crowed  !
  • They felt sad when we were leaving, as we did too!!

There are some other events happened as well.

One husband denied our proposal but followed us all the way to our work. The same man was talking permission (signaling through eye) of his wife before answering our questions!

In our Second house, we meet a mute girl of age 14. We faced a mentally sick girl in the village road. I will write about them in my other writings, once I get my thoughts together!

We required full family member to be present while we do the interview and photo-video shooting.


But in our third and fifth house, kids were at school. But the father happily went to school to bring them back for our interview by our easy-bike!

No, don’t feel bad about kids absence from school! It’s after the midterm exam and i wanted to give them a different touch from the normal life!

Ohh I’m only now realizing the size of this writing! What can I do, there was so much to share!

They live such an unornamented life that make you question your city life. I noticed and felt; no pollution, nor hectic sounds, chaotic substance there.  

To be honest with you, even though it’s my native land but i felt so out of touch with their lifestyle!


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