The ending

“So, who will be your bride this time hah?”, that is what they asked the little boy. Sounds like a strange question to ask a kid of barely __

He was an eccentric kid. Always a bit different. He read books a lot and it started very early; comic books, fairy tales to science fiction. He used to write in his diary as well, a bit like he does now (links). His childhood wasn’t based in one city or place as his family moved around every three years due to govt. work.

He didn’t have a constant circle of friend but he adapted well to the change. It’s hard to leave your friends behinds at an early age. His way of coping was to avoid getting too close with any friend, all though sometimes he couldn’t help but get attached anyway.

He became an observant, a nature lover. He made friends with random people who weren’t actually from his school, age group or social status.

Oh he got bullied over this but  he never cared about this. He was a daredevil in many ways. He found great pleasure in demolishing any artificially constructed society rules about prestige or prejudice!!

He had a BMX bicycle which happened to be his mechanical unicorn! And in all sort of weather he went wondering around with it. Sometimes he took it out in mountainous areas, by the river side or by the sea. He loved going out into the countryside; away from typical civilization for sure.

He met some amazing people during his roaming’s that he would never have run into in the big towns or city.

So one day, on one of his random ventures he met a girl by the paddy field of a village.

It was an autumn afternoon, and his attention was caught by some voice singing a folk song and that’s when he found her. Her name was Eti, which means ending in English. To tell you the truth it was a bit of a strange encounter like you can imagine it can be for children of that age.

He was thirsty and asked her to show the nearest tube-well, which she pointed out. He didn’t know the way, so he requested her to guide him there. She sat on the bike carrier and led him to where he wanted to be.

You see, the whole time they talked, but he didn’t notice her eyes much; despite his normal observational skills. She lived close by, so he dropped her off  to her house and met her parents. Only then, only then did he find out she was blind as her parents told him!

You can imagine, how surprising, shocking and sad that discovery was for a boy at his age!

She had already disappeared into the house and despite his calls, she didn’t back come out.

He rode back home, so fast it felt like he was competing in a motor bike race.

He told his parents that night what he had been through and said that he wanted to marry her. The news quickly spread to all his relatives.

Don’t think it was only pity that compelled him to say this, or maybe it was! It’s kind of hard now to relive the thoughts of that kid or maybe the passage into his mind is being deliberately blocked to avoid exposure.

He went back the next day, but she didn’t come out. As she was clearly uncomfortable with the situation in the first few days, he played with her sisters and hung around her family to help her familiarize herself with him.

They were a very normal farming family and nice people too. And having a blind daughter is just another hard burden! He got that right away.His parents visited them many times during their stay in that district and they all became really good friends. Leaving her behind was tough, I won’t describe those moments here…

But I will tell you a hard truth though. After some years, when he earned his right to travel alone, he went there right away. But, no she wasn’t there, neither was her family.

There had been a devastating flood the year before and the whole village was swept away or something terrible happened. Perhaps they had moved away or maybe something happened during the flooding. He did not know and no one could tell him anything specific.

He went to the local police station, the red crescent office and all local agencies that could know anything about them, but he had no luck in finding them …

She didn’t end though, did she…?



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