House with red walls

Our bus is stuck in traffic, although it’s not the usual traffic jam at this hour on the way to city center. Some VIP is crossing this area and that’s why all the traffic is kept on hold. That means; ignoring all the traffic signals, no vehicle can move until the VIP cross the area!

In this type of situations, my co passengers usually erupt in a discussion about democracy, public freedom, and politics and about breaking news-headlines. But today that’s not the cause of argument/chaos inside the bus. There is a prison van right beside our bus which is also stuck in traffic.

So one prisoner asked about politics through narrow window, to one of our co passenger and something triggered an argument. The chaos didn’t stay contained between those two persons only, but rather ended up involving the whole bus and the prison van! Just imagine the slang in the air!


Prison guards felt helpless and so did the few quiet ones in the bus, despite the riot atmosphere. The last thing you need, when you’re stuck in humid one hour traffic hold ups.

You can see the hate, discrimination,reflection of society and social prejudice on people’s faces!

I had to put my headphone down and push a few guys around on my bus, shuffle few passengers from their seats to settle the situation. I had to apologies to those furious prisoners on behalf of my co passenger. I even got off from the bus to talk to the prisoners and made them calm down a bit.

Intention was; to give them my understandings and show my care for them.Some of them were hardcore jail birds (you can just tell by their faces), some of them were suffering and some were just trying to cope with the upcoming jail life!

You might question, “why did i push myself forward in this situation or what made me stand up and get into action??!”

Well surprising as it may sound, it was the right thing to do and i felt good to stop the hateful violent chaos. I mean, they got the chance to see the outside world through the prison van narrow window and a chance for some sort of communication (God knows since when or when would be the next) and i didn’t want them to go back in their cell with memories of more hate-mongering!  

Anyway, that was the end of it.

Despite being a Robin Hood fan, I always wonder about prison. You know that I’ve mentioned before how we moved around the country every three years in my childhood. It was very surprising for a kid to realize that every district has a prison house which looks exactly the same!  Every district has that Yellow building surrounded by a high red wall with huge iron closed gate! I wanted to know what it would be like inside but it was forbidden for kids, which made me more curious!

One question still haunted me about the prison houses though. Is it really necessary for every district to have a correctional center? Or is that just a colonial idea still rotting in the spine of our democracy? Are we really such a criminal people, nationwide!!??

I know for a fact that places like places of worship, courthouses, hospitals and police stations are often more turbulent than prisons! These are the places where a person goes for cure, peace and justice but gets ripped off the most! It’s a money making industry.

Some suckers waiting for you to arrive and will leave you dried up to the bones. I know it’s not always that bad but I’m trying to bring out the hidden agenda. Because most of the time, these issues don’t even reach the newspaper! I know it doesn’t apply to the rest of the world, but some parts for sure!

Once I dodged school to visit a friend’s dad, who had just been released from the jail and decided to go under cover! He talked with us, told some stories and sing songs with us!  He didn’t commit first degree crime or any crime at all, from my point of view. All he did was; be an active member of a socialist group!  There goes our justice system. Left, right or any other wing; all belongs to the same bird, right!?

You see, where you can buy public prosecutor, magistrate, and the law enforcement agencies; you can’t trust the justice system! There was a recent news article about a guy who got released after 22 years from prison because he was wrongly imprisoned! Who will give him back that TIME Hah? His whole life could have been be totally different!!

Some time powerful people buy/use the law to punish the opponent or competitor. And if you have hard cash, yes you are above the law, eh!

I know prison is a different world altogether. Well it’s a correctional center, which may be necessary for some. So if someone spent their time there; does that mean s/he correct him/herself from the crime s/he committed?  Some time people get reduced time over their good nature, which is good i guess…

I’ve seen many life altering movies about prison  and read few books as well. So here is the sort list:   

I really hope my writing  will reach beyond the red wall.Let’s hope that justice serves properly and people walk towards the light more often than not.


Even though some people go to jail specifically for doing what they believed was right!  Prison life is a very difficult one, the toughest one!

You literally do TIME there!


As you don’t know what’s going to happen to your case, you might have a mental illness, might feel lonely, worrying about what’s happening outside, you might lose all hope and wanting to commit suicide. And what about the people living outside of prison but feeling like they’re in one… what about

And for me it’s important to remember that there is life inside the red wall building…


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