Third eye

I promised to write today but I can’t really write. Even though I have some half written drafts from the last few days, I want to write something new. Today is the 27th September 2015. It’s a special day all over the world  for rare blood moon.

So many things happening around the globe today, but I dislike my mood. I even looked at news sites for inspiration but nah, no luck either.

Somehow though, I found something totally unique. A news item about a man who has been blind since birth !! His name is Juan Pablo Culasso, a Paraguayan and living in Brazil nowadays.

He had quite an interesting childhood; with a father that encouraged him to play bird songs on the piano and took him to the museum to feel various types of feathers.

And now he become a professional sound recordist ! I always wanted to do something about disabled people around the world. Especially where less facilities for them and such. And Juan is the right inspiration for all.

So today I’m going to celebrate on behalf of Juan and people like him/her around the globe! As Helen Keller said, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision” 

  This very news open another level of perspective in my life. Please read, share and discover life.. 


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