Me, myself and I, in a shoestring

It was such a beautiful early morning here in Pattaya; even in this middle of nowhere! I can’t believe that the bus driver just dropped me here, after explaining my destination to him in English and broken Thai!

All he kept saying was “bypass road, no,no,no city center, bla bla bla”, which gave me the understanding that for some reason the bus couldn’t go to the city (there wasn’t any notice at the starting point though) and all Pattaya passengers (happened to be only me, myself & I) had to get out here!!!

Looking around and considering the circumstances I had to laugh it out, which scared some beautiful doves nearby. I got the first early bus from Bangkok to get here. I’m not here for tourism but for possible job hunts.

My mobile map app is telling me I’m at least half an hour away from the city center. So I sat under an old tree; ate my dry breakfast pack, laughed again and decided to keep on smiling no matter what happens next.

The best thing would be to flag down a taxi to the city center. But something else was in my mind today: hitchhiking. After having held up my thumb up sign for a while, I had no results to show for it and I was still in the same place.

So I did something different, to attract attention:

  • Acting like show performer
  • Smiling/ waving  as if I know know them
  • Singing
  • Laughing loudly
  • Making tribal sound
  • Chase the upcoming vehicle.
  • Riding my imaginary horse     

Well, all these performances actually drove them away even harder and destroyed every little chance I had. Ahh well, it was savage fun! After several attempts, a biker- fishermen gave me a lift to the city and had a cup of tea with me. A big thanks to him for his curiosity towards me… hahah

Now, next act was to shower and change my clothes without having to check in at a hotel; got to be presentable when you’re a job seeker. That’s easy enough for me, as an old time hotelier.

I walked confidently to the next fancy hotel and went to the swimming pool area, pretending as resident. All I had to do is:  jolly good smile to the staffs and small inquiry about buffet breakfast. Next thing I knew, I was showering by the poolside, changed clothes and a complimentary cappuccino by the staff, Ola!     

Pattaya is full of hotels, spa resorts and situated mostly by the sea side. So mapping out for job inquiries and spreading C Vs was easy enough apart of walking around in scorching heat!It will amaze you how luxurious some hotels can be. Some hotels only hire locals though, pretty depressing, eh.

The city is buzzing with tourists, locals, expats, businessman despite its notorious sex industry and go go bars. I was surprised to see so many Russians around, like a CCCP colony.

And why there is so many mixed cuisine restaurant, grill-kebab shops around the city? Especially when you’re on tight budget and hungry? God almighty, I had to read few menus to kill the cravings & hunger… 🙂

The day was long- tiring and at the end all I wanted was a cheap, clean, noise free bed to crash for the night. Finding a place of my liking wasn’t easy but I did find one with a pool table as a bonus.

So I had a few games of pool with myself at the hostel, to wind down, and then slept like a log.

Next day, I covered the surrounding areas which had even more hotels and resorts. I met a few expats who were long time residents in this city and exchanged my views with them. Oh yes, hitchhiked again and saved the money on bus/taxi. Rule of thumbs doesn’t seem to work much in this area, so had to talk to whoever was on my way with a motorbike.

I’m pretty satisfied about my visit, as far as the job hunt goes, so let’s wait for the prospective phone call for possible job offer. Although I didn’t visit any tourist spots or participated any cultural events, it has been quite an interesting venture for me. I observed the local daily life, cultural differences, luxury living and myself on a shoestring.   

It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about~Dale Carnegie.


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