The music of rain

In rainy days, When it rains in pattering sounds,I cannot tell how I feel,So bewildered is my mind.

You could clearly see the storm coming, in that open vast horizon. The sky was getting darker, thunder lightnings, constant change of winds, dance of the trees and a dead queue of traffic behind me. And there I was standing all alone to witness the storm.

Confusing introduction right, well so was the stormy night on 15th November 2007. I was on my way home after a few weeks of scouting in the mountains of India for my upcoming stay. We had to stay at the ferry terminal, under the open sky when some official announced that the ferry service had been terminated until further notice. I won’t describe how devastating that night was, as we felt so vulnerable to the mother nature.

I spent some part of my childhood growing up in the countryside of Bangladesh. As you may know, Bangladesh is a delta island and full of rivers. Weather played a vital role in our culture. But rain does have its role in all seasons.

I like rain and storms, which may be because of the diversity that comes with it. I have many fun memories of stormy nights as well as some devastating ones.

I remember going out on a stormy night with my cousins to collect mangoes and other fruit. I remember making paper boats on a rainy day and becoming a naval commodore of my own fleet. We used to make boats out of banana trees and going out for crazy boat racing on the canals. No, I won’t tell you the punishment I got for it.

How about reading books with the sound of rain especially when you live in a talley house. You wouldn’t know the sound of rain unless you lived in a tin shed house. Sound of rain is even better and you get lost in your own mind, makes you wonder about all sorts of things.

I like making my own rain sometimes. You know after rain trees brunches holds the rain drops, right. So I go under the tree and shake it and yes there’s my own rain. Someday I will give this special treat to hummingbird!

Yes there were times, while camping out in the mountains with heavy rain, or on my way to work or a meeting and encountering rain on my way; wouldn’t you get grumpy over it? I lived in other countries where people curse the rain all the time by habit but that’s fun too. It’s fun from my point of view if anyone starts a conversation with a complaint about the rain.

I remember getting home in the rain and all I wanted was to sit by the fireplace. A blazing fireplace on a rainy night, is just perfect. I love to spend quality time with quality company while  pounding rain on my window and sitting warm inside.


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