Dust and Sands

Don’t really know why, but I started beating the drum kits and played some note on my guitar this morning. Well to be honest with you, it wasn’t an actual drum set or guitar I played. It was the drumming  and guitar app that I have in my mobile and in a way it does the job every now & then. I would have kept playing on & on, if my empty stomach hadn’t started making hollow sounds and the heat of the sun wouldn’t have started to poke in my back. So I had to rest my practice session for the time being. At least I didn’t let the dust settle on my imaginary practice pad.   

Such a lovely Saturday morning to stay inside my four walls. I usually stay inside most of the time though. So this time I went by the canal to read my unfinished Philosophy book. Although I wasn’t only sitting and reading; I had some blog idea in the back of my mind too. Do you ever fall asleep with a book while out in the nature? Yeah that’s exactly what happened with me today. Thankfully none of the birds dropped any gifts from above.

Instead nature waved some sands all over me as if I was near by riverbank ..

Now I’m going to drive my train to another track; so just hold on and throw your ticket away, it’s on me.

Well if you ask me, ‘why did you volunteer for scouting and red crescent back in the days?’ My answer would be pretty straightforward: to get away from the daily routines and to do some good for the people and earth.

It has been my intention from way earlier times. It was a chance to reach out to the bottom of the society and make friendship with the people whom society neglected.

Okay let me tell you a story, to give you a clearer picture. Once our scout teacher organised a fundraising program to help the homeless people in the winter. So we went door to door to collect warm clothes, blankets or anything to donate for the homeless. That was some experience.

The reactions we faced were joyful and sad in the same time. So many people came forward with open hearts and expressed their support. At the same time some people just shut the door in our face. hah we were only kids then, you know.

We did participate in events like that in times of floods, cyclones and riots as well. I feel good to notice that awareness is very much alive inside me.

Now here comes the best part: distributing the collected items amongst the right people. While we were handing out, things got real emotional, heartwarming. I mean, when a sick mother with a child cries and hugs you for your actions, would you not get emotional too?

I felt helpless to watch, people burning rubbish in cold winter evening and fighting with each other to the sit by the fire. So distributing warm clothes for them was the right feeling. I don’t know how to describe those moments, time just stopped while we were at it. They didn’t say much but the hug they offered, I believe that will keep me warm in zero degrees.

Once we spread out in train station and offered office going people to polish their shoes for charity. It breaks my heart to remember that some people didn’t pay us and walked away with ignorance. Even after explaining that collected money will go for orphan homes but nah some people are just made of brick.

I love winter season for many reasons,also feel for the people who will shiver (really hope not) without warm clothes in the season of festivities.

I gotta say watching so many school kids here with scout uniform also triggered me to write this. Beautiful kids, you all grow well and never let the dust settle on your path…





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