Looking back to see forward


”I love it when a plan comes together”, a dialog by Col. Hannibal Smith from the ‘A’ Team! I’m walking back home by the sea and suddenly this knock out quote came to me.

May be the constant sounds of firecrackers had to do with this. Perhaps my thoughts on 2015 provoked this. What’s more, I experienced the opposite on several occasions this past year when my plans (especially a plane I had to go to Switzerland) did not come together. But then again, somehow I carried on with the outcomes and found a way forward...

Oh yes today is New Year’s eve and so much preparations are being made here in sin city, Pattaya.

So the year is ending hah! What did we have all year around?!

Now that I am out of the native country, let’s see what has been happening back there..

I’m sure there is more positive news, which didn’t reach the mainstream media.

We have been shocked and horrified by some tragic incidents throughout the year. We also witnessed some powerful movements which restored our faith in humanity!  

I tried to write on the refugee crisis and will bring more input on this in my upcoming writings.

Furthermore this particular news moved me a lot

There is a speculation growing inside me about world refugee issue, which is hard to elaborate.

I want to feel confident that, this crisis will become the new world strength! Let’s look ahead with positive thoughts and hope it will reunite the nations over borders! Let’s put an end to extremist sabotage.

Please, please human of every society, stand tall and say yes, Together!

Since the gulf war, I started to understand that oil prices play a big role in wars! So as I look into the oil prices for 2016, my conclusions are relatively frustrating! But there is always Hope!

Anyhow, let’s not find the answer through my writing here! Or did you get an idea already?

Probably mother earth already has some plan in store for us which will come together nicely. Who knows.

 So now I’m typing my revolution here, though outside of my building there is an entire different atmosphere! People celebrating New Year eve with firecrackers, booze, loud music, drunken brawls, harlotry and what not! No, I’m not annoyed by them; rather I try to understand where they’re coming from.

To be honest with you, I’m annoyed with this Tweak very much. I don’t have TV so thankfully I don’t have to put up with his nonsense, like many of you do (unfortunately). But even without the burden of seeing him on TV, I feel the damn annoyance of him through social media too. Which irritates me to investigate his where abouts.

I understand he is a billionaire businessman, running for presidential candidacy. He’s grasping for more power and probably has some master plan to accomplish this, eh?! He wants to spend only $2m on TV election campaign! How about spending money on real cause!!

Yet again, he’s a politician and playing a high stake poker. He knows well about the outcome of his speech and indications. On the contrary, he kept trying to roll the dice!. Who’s behind him? Who’s in his election campaign team? Who are the major sponsors for him? Who are the supporters? What are the reasons behind his support? What’s the supporters’ background? What makes them support him? I don’t know yet but curious as it is. All I see him as Theo Galavan even the worst version.

It’s comforting in a way that we are still working up to the primary elections, which will be held in three weeks time. General election will be in ten months time, in November. My american friends think it will be either will be Hillary or Sanders. Anyway enough of political bla bla.

 I can’t stop thinking of the fate of the less advantaged of the world. There are people going to bed on empty stomachs, shivering in the cold, in fear of bombing, fear of the last breath…

There are places in the world where it is completely dark, no matter how bright my sky is with fireworks!!

Ohh I feel like, ‘I’m in the crypt of Winterfell and trying to find some solidarity there…

The amount of money being spent on booze to celebrate here, is basically shocking. As a consequence, they’re crawling into the New Year with debts. Is it really worth it?!

At the end of the day, all the new year is is just another digit, right?! But people spend it like tonight is the last day on earth. If that’s the logic then my fellow earth people; you really need to figure out a very different way to celebrate.

Moreover, speaking of myself; I’m being me, inside out. Speaking of plans to come together; I don’t have an alpha striking team standing by. My failures mean I‘m trying and I keep going on even though that’s the only option sometimes. But that’s quite Ok. I’m me with hummingbird. That’s enough for any revolution and to make the planet a better place.    

At the end, I like to finish with the quote from the Col. Smith again. “Give me a minute, I’m good. Give me an hour, I’m great. Give me six months, I’m unbeatable”

I would like to see this type of attitude in the eyes and words or world leaders on the issues the world is dealing with…

Happy 2016!  



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