Love is a four legged word




When I first met them, I felt love straight away. Koby was bit anxious at the beginning and didn’t accept my presence easily. But Smoky looked at me, our eyes met each other’s and we became friends instantly. Even though we had only met once before and the visit was brief we did build a bond. So when I decided to go back to Kanchanaburi, I was really looking forward to spend some quality time with them.

It’s a five and half hour van journey to get there, including a transit point. It was crucial for met to get the earliest van so I would avoid the rush hour traffic.

Sadly, circumstances did not allow me to catch that early ride. Ironically, I was bitten by a dog a while ago, forcing me to get a series of rabies vaccinations. On that particular morning I had an 8 o’clock appointment in the local hospital for the second round, preventing me to go see my friendly canine friends.

So I reminded myself of the importance to get the shots and that it was my lack of money forcing me to go to the government hospital on the other side of town. So before all the fun could begin, I focused on getting my vaccinations and told myself I would deal with traffic later.

I was laughing at my fate though, while waiting outside for the vaccination room to open. Wondering why that innocent looking local tail-wagger bit my leg like that! Anyway, as I waited I watched the nurse’s makeup ceremony and how she tuned into her favorite radio station before she actually started processing the appointment schedule. After a quick injection in each of my arms (do have to compliment her swift work) I was out of the door… gone!

Long story short, I caught the van I needed and soon reached my final destination. I met Koby & Smokey again! They looked at me, smiled, sniffed and jumped towards me; almost pushing me to the ground! Koby is a Labradoodle and smokey is a Labrador.

Contrary to the first meeting, when they approached me with some caution, this time they immediately behaved like true companions. They walked with me wherever I went, listened to me more, sat on my lap and kept offering me their paw… Especially Koby, the wild one, was enthusiastic with the paw offerings. I don’t know how to put the feeling into words! I really don’t know, but it was heartwarming. It is something you got to feel and cherish.

It reminded me of my younger version, when I used to visit my grandparents’ house in the countryside. My grandma used to have a pack of dogs and she adored them. My daily routine was playing with the pack and taking them along on my adventures. I remember sleeping in the tree house, guarded by our mix breed of dogs that were sleeping at the bottom of the tree. My grandma’s favorite dog was Dinosaur which was a sarail hound. My grandma didn’t even touch a drop of water for days when Dinosaur died, so deep was her grief. Oh… That was such a sad moment of my life too. The whole pack was quiet for days!

When eventually the time comes

And the lights in his eyes dim

A new star will shine in Heaven

In remembrance of him.

Dogs are referred to as human’s best friend, right? Second is horse and so is the Dolphin. I don’t agree in that numerical order. But I very much like the idea of having them all. Obviously I like to see the dolphin free in the ocean rather than having as a pet. I’ve never seen wild horses, that must be a beautiful sight.

 I have loved dogs though, all my life! So I still can’t figure it out why that innocent looking dog bit me. I went back to see her and strangely enough I have kind of become friends with her now. She’s bit shy… or maybe it’s her guilty conscious hahah!

Another thing that really made me curious is why Smokey and Koby kept staring at the walls. It was as if they were seeing things. You know animals have different instincts and legends say they see things humans don’t.

I went for a walk with them in the woods and they were showing me around their favorite spots. As I said before I used to have dogs but I was proud of myself that I didn’t forget the language.

It was raining heavily one night and I woke up shivering of sudden cold. Koby and Smokey immediately noticed and jumped over me to give me their warmth. Even just to see them in the middle of the night beside me, made me utterly happy.And smokey didn’t forget to wake me up early by pushing his cold nose into my ears.

You know, time can be cruel sometimes, especially the farewell times. I knew it was coming the next morning and I hated it all the way. I think they understood that too as they saw me packing my bag. As my host friend went for work early, I had to lock the house and keep the dogs inside. I carefully made their breakfast, sat with them while I was having my own. I had some warm chit chats with them and told them to behave. I shared some of my upcoming plans with them. You know, like a normal day.

Leaving them inside and locking the door was the hardest part. I felt so vulnerable as well as helpless leaving them behind. The way they were whining broke my heart to pieces. I hope to see them again soon. And if situation permits me, i would  like to have a pooch on my own home someday.   

You’ll gaze up at the midnight sky

And you will hear him say –

“I’m so glad you were my human

We’ll meet again someday!”



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