In my own rhythm


I was on Skype earlier with one my college friends, who I hadn’t spoken to in a long time. There I was, having a nice chat with my buddy, with so much to catch up on! But before I knew it he said those predictable words, making the idea for this blog poke at me for the third time in recent weeks. It was inevitable really that it would come up, after the obviously annoying question regarding my current city & myself. And this wasn’t the first time either. A few of my associates from home and some relatives have given me the same thoughts!!!  

To get you up to speed I came to Bangkok, later moved to my current location, being Pattaya. And when you mention Pattaya, people can’t help but react with a naughty chuckle and some remark about the night life here. It is clear that to some living in Pattaya means party, party and what not! Unfortunately this city has its reputation as sin city, Asia’s biggest neon attraction and this history goes back to the Vietnam War; when the allied forces decided to set their R&R in Pattaya.  

But there is much more to discover in Pattaya then it’s so called reputations! I’ve been living here for a few months now and I have found many interesting sights, laid back communities and unexpected sights. I guess it depends on who you are and how you want to live! There’s a 21 golf course at an hour’s drive, water sports, Go-kart racing and many famous temples. There is  always some cultural event going on, festivals, local sports on going. You can easily lose your time at some local market, having a lot to offer with its surprising products. Also there are several old book shops too! And for the lovers of beautiful sceneries there are three wonderful islands close by.

Pattaya is also famous for its muay thai camp as they produced a few world famous muay thai champs! Speaking of muay thai, yesterday I had the opportunity to watch a Super Muay Thai- Kunlun fight event! My key maker neighbor offered me a bike ride to enjoy the show with him and I didn’t want to miss out.

It was really great atmosphere with local and international crowd. It was good to see local fighters as well as a few international (male & female) fighters. First we sat in the gallery and later moved by the ring beside the VIP area, so we got to see the cream of the crop of Pattaya fighting. It was a very intense fight and local reactions were really vivid. I will never forget that middle aged woman behind our row for her super duper funny reactions and exclamatory words!! She certainly kept the entertainment going for the entire event. What an ordinary looking die hard fan she turned out to be!

Today it is full moon, which always marks a special Buddhist day here. So religious ceremonies are going on day and night, at the Royal temple which is just beside my building. I also noticed people celebrating lantern festival while I was running in the beach this evening.   

How could I not mention the early morning by the beach! Health critic or not, but this shouldn’t be missed while you are here. The weather gets really chilly, almost fresh compared to the day time temp. You will get to see/buy fresh fish which fishermen brought straight from the deep sea, including fearful looking deep sea creatures. I do have a desire to go deep sea fishing with them on one of these days though!

Alright, alright, I’m not trying to write a little travel book here. I was just a bit annoyed when I started to write this blog because of the predictable reactions of my friends and relatives, but I’m totally cool and calm now.

Even a night owl like myself needs to sleep sometimes. So good night to you all and I will get back to you when I discover top-drawer Pattaya entertainment stuff again 😉     





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